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Melvin Toste

Melvin Toste had three brothers.  His older brothers were Joe and Frank.  He was the third of the brothers.  He had a young brother named Anthony.  Anthony was only brother who graduated at CSD.  A short time after graduation, he died from a freak accident with a flash fire set his clothing ablaze and spread second- and third-degree burns over 43% of his face and body.  How?  He and his friend drove and got out of gas at a remote farm.  It was very dark at night.  It was hard to see how his friend poured some gasoline into the tank.  Anthony used his cigarette lighter, but the fire caught the gasoline fume .  Several excruciating days later, he died in a hospital burn unit.  All the other brothers left CSD early.  Frank and Melvin were only ones who had the motorcycle.  Melvin left CSD early in the 1950s.


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