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Bobby Skedsmo (6) a blooming expert on harley to being an expert now.  #2 has been
his favorite number because the rider with that number had won the half-mile dirt track.

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Bobby, a war baby, does not look like an actual born Brooklyn guy. He grew up mostly in California where the beaches and mountains have captured his heart. He, like some people, never looks his age, and it may be that he is always young at heart. Besides being recently retired from the Caltrans as a civil engineering technician. He is an avid cyclist, motorcyclist and golfer that keep him fit and competitive.

As a child, Bobby's mother often watched him riding his tricyle on the sidewalk from the kitchen window and this one particular day she became alarmed when the earthquake hit but Bobby, was having the time of his life riding along with the earthquake's rolling motions. His interest in cycling grew when his father often took him to see a motorcycle race every Friday night. Into his teens, his close friend, Bert Hall and he would go on a fun dirt motorcycling every weekend.

When you ride on the harley, you can feel the heat and power of the engine. The vibration sends throbbing wave through your body, you will unmistakably know that it is the Harley-Davidson. Nothing on the Earth can be compared with it. That is why Bobby fist-smack the Harley-Davidson!

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This exhaust systems known as the Samson Exhaust sets the standard in defining the look, sound, and performance of what Bobby all knows to be an 'American Motorcycle.' The baffles inside the pipes were removed but he decided to put them back on with understanding that the end of baffles is cut off. Yet they continue to produce the loudest and nastiest sound off the pipes. The engine still has the pressure for the better performance. He can say with confidence that Samson simply makes the highest quality exhaust on the market today.


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