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Frank Fiscus

Frank Fiscus was well known as Sonny Fiscus and first became interested in motorcycle when he was 11 years old and hitchhiked for a ride picked up by a bunch of motorcyclists.

After he left CSDB in 1943, he bought his first motorcycle.  It was a 1929 Henderson and four years later he got a OHV Harley-Davidson and travelled a lot down to see all the racers.  He met some Deaf motorcycle riders in Dixon, Stockton and San Francisco.  He had lots of fun.  In 1955 he turned to racing (Sportsman class) in whick he raced for trophies only. (not professional) until 1960 he became a professional rider.  He rode in all kinds of races (short track, half mile track, mile track, TT and road race until 1972.  In 1972 he was retired from racing.  He felt that racing and family raising do not mix well.

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From left to right, a friend, Frank Fiscus and Gene Button were at the Harley-Davidson dealer.  Frank is about 85 years old by now (April 2010).

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